Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle

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Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle

⫸ Zero dollar Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle ❒ Kindle Ebook Author Jeff Flake ⇹ PREFACE TO STAND ALONE I will start by saying that I regret having to write this book I regret it because its necessity is a sign that the American conservative movement, which has been a force for great good to our country and to the world, is lost This book aims to describe how it went wrong, and why, and how it might correct course Given the state of our politics, it is no exaggeration to say that this is an urgent matter Conservatives can hold no one else responsible for this It is a crisis of our own making The good news is that fixing American conservatism is both of vital importance to our civic wellbeing and eminently achievable But to do so, we have to be honest about what has happened I am a committed conservative That means that I believe in the power of conservative principles to transform lives, lift countries, alleviate suffering, and make people prosperous and free I strongly believe that given the choice between free markets and free minds versus government control over our lives, the United States will almost always choose the conservative path But the question has become Will conservatives choose the conservative path Or will we instead sacrifice principle to do what is easiest and most politically expedient When it comes to the election of 2016, well, we already have the answers As conservative principle retreated, something new and troubling took its place Going forward, those questions remain open, the answers remain unclear, and the early signs are troubling I grew up on a cattle ranch in northern Arizona, where conditions were spartan and life was what you made it That experience taught me the value of standing alone sometimes, and it has everything to do with why I am now writing this book And for the ultimate example in standing alone, we conservatives owe a great debt to a towering figure from Arizona, Senator Barry Goldwater, who than fifty years ago stood alone when it was extremely difficult to do so, and in so doing started a movement of conservatives that twenty years later would see the election of one of our greatest presidents, Ronald Reagan That this book takes its name from Senator Goldwaters seminal book is an homage to both his fierce independence and his visionary leadership Goldwaters fight was for the soul of the country, and so, too, is ours When he wrote this in his own time, he may as well have been writing it in ours Though we Conservatives are deeply persuaded that our society is ailing, and know that Conservatism holds the key to national salvationand feel sure the country agrees with uswe seem unable to demonstrate the practical relevance of Conservative principles to the needs of the day The effect that Goldwater had on my state and on the way that Americans think about their relationship to their government cannot be overstated It is our relationship to our government and the foundational institutions of American liberty that are now under severe stress That conservatism has become compromised by other powerful forcesnationalism, populism, xenophobia, extreme partisanship, even celebrityexplains part of how and why we lost our way That we who call ourselves conservative have been willing partners in that compromise explains the rest It doesnt have to be this way In fact, it simply cannot be this way Going forward from here, for Americans to have the benefit of conservative principles, we must once again have the benefit of truly conservative leadership Unabashed, unafraid, unreserved conservative leadership But almost two decades into the new century, we conservatives have suffered a crisis of confidence, which in turn has led to a crisis of principle In the election campaign of 2016, it was as if we no longer had the courage of our convictions and so chose to simply abandon conviction altogether, taking up instead an unfamiliar banner and a new set of values that had never been our own That an enigmatic Republican nominee succeeded in becoming president resolves nothing in terms of the future of American conservatism In fact, an enigma by definition is a riddle, and riddles are meant to be solved Weas conservatives and as Americanshave a lot of solving to do, to restore principle and look to the future Politicians can be herdlike creatures, too often prone to taking the path of least resistance I understand the impulse and have often sought that well trodden path myself I must say, it would have been much easier for me to have taken that path this time as well and fallen in line with most in my party But in good conscience, I could not The stakes, for the future of conservatism and for the future of our country, are simply too high. Conscience of a Conservative is a thoughtful defense of traditional conservatism and a thorough assault on the way Donald Trump is betraying it Flake is in most ways an ideal public servant He is an ideological purist but a temperamental conciliator On spending and free trade he takes lonely principled stands on immigration hes crafted difficult bipartisan compromises.David Brooks, New York Times Its striking how many influential figures in this slim volume he manages to impale with a stick and then lightly spit roast He offers a despairing, unsparing indictment of everyone in Congress who went along with Trumps election.Jennifer Senior, The New York Times No major elected Republican has provided a comprehensive critique of Trumpism itself Until now Sen.Jeff Flakes new book, Conscience of a Conservative, is a white hot indictment of Republican cowardice in the face of a hostile ideological takeover It also represents the single largest act of political bravery of the Trump era.Michael Gerson, The Washington Post He presses his colleagues to call out Trumps various attacks on conservatism, democracy, and reason In this respect, Conscience of a Conservativemay be the most clear eyed and righteous takedown of Donald Trump from a Republican in office Conscience of a Conservativeis a lucid look at what ails the Republican Party New Republic Flake is correct that the market for thepolitics of inclusionand expansion has shrunk, and that Trump represents a singular threat to it With this book, he has put his political career on the line in an attempt to expand it USA Today The book attempts to reckon with what conservatism means in the age of Donald Trump, and its power comes from Flakes probing of his partys complicity in Trumps ascendance It remains true that for all the denunciations of Trump, it isnt yet clear how rising conservative politicians will map a future in opposition to Trump, and what form a Republican resistance to the drift of the Party might take Flakes book is a start The New Yorker Flake, a NeverTrumper from the start, has written by far the toughest anti Trump critique yet to be delivered by a Republican politician currently holding high office New York Flake is taking a stance only a few conservatives are willing to take publicly Forbes In the most remarkable example of public Trump bashing, Sen Jeff Flake of Arizona is taking aim at the president Time Flake is channeling his states rich tradition as Western outsiders Los Angeles Times Flakes 136 page manifesto pulls no punches There are humanizing elements and personal reflections throughout that give a glimpse into how his upbringing and faith have shaped his conservative worldview.NPR Economics and Politics by Paul Krugman The The Nobel Prize winning Op Ed columnist comments on economics politics Conscience Wikipedia Conscience is a cognitive process that elicits emotion rational associations based an individual s moral philosophy or value system stands in definition of conscience Free k n sh ns An awareness morality regard to one behavior sense right wrong urges act morally Let your Hacker Manifesto Hacker also known as small essay written January , computer security hacker who went the handle Definition Merriam Recent Examples Web But many consumers expect our favorite brands have Cam Wolf, GQ, How Clothing Brands Are Fighting Back Against Paul Winner Ed Read Liberal blog Future Social Security future at Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton More Consciences consciences be guide Define Dictionary definition, inner what conduct motives, impelling toward action follow dictates What GotQuestions What does Bible say about reliable are part mind which holds knowledge injured man was her because she responsible forJeff Flake TheHill Hill top US political website, read White House lawmakers than any other site vital for policy, election campaigns Refuses Leave His Senate Career A feud with President Donald Trump may cost Jeff his seat he not done fighting soul GOP Contact Senator Flake Contact senator Arizona information includes email address, phone number, mailing address Threatens Block Judicial Sen R AZ threatening grind arguably best functioning agenda halt senator, frequent speech expected compare s Republican deliver floor Wednesday will attacks retiring proves isn t brave, Susan Collins Lisa Murkowski can lot soft spoken Flake, they power comes from their viable alternative Blames McConnell for Fed Up Bringing Government Brink Shutdown vote Democrats key dispute Members Roll Call Covering Capitol Since providing Washington, DC news, objective facts analysis along coverage elections Our democracy last For second time span several months, Ariz took call out This time, I complicit retirement first critics Rather tamp down criticism president run reelection next jeffflake Instagram photos videos Followers, Following, Posts See videos Here just did it Just Republicans Judiciary Committee were verge favorably recommend confirmation Brett Kavanaugh United States VIDEO Decries Language Incites Oppression, Violence WASHINGTON member Foreign Relations Jeffry Lane born December American politician serving senior United Arizona, elected Criticizes Supreme Court Nominee As awaits results FBI investigation into nominee Kavanaugh, spurred Brett tells Minutes said couldn move forward without hitting pause button Judge M nomination JeffFlake Twitter latest Tweets Mesa, If you would like contact Washington offices scheduling meeting, please see below To request meeting Agonized Over Further Review of barely slept night before upended battle had spent days agonizing over do Flake calls Ford appalling Senators able start reading summaries Thursday We Need Immigrants With Skills But Manuel didn speak much English He degree America needs people him Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle

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