The Little Leftover Witch

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The Little Leftover Witch

↑ search Format Kindle The Little Leftover Witch ⠡ Kindle Ebook By Florence Laughlin ⡬ The Little Leftover Witch 1 The Broken Broom It was Halloween The wind moaned like a thousand ghosts at the windows of the houses on Mockingbird Lane Black cats chased one another across rooftops And ghosts and goblins of all sizes ran through the streets Lucinda Doon was dressed like a ghost A white sheet covered her clothes It covered her yellow gold hair and small brown shoes It hid everything about her, except two laughing blue eyes, which peered out of two round holes She said, Boooooo, at Mr Doon, her father She said, Boooooo, at Itchabody, her great black cat She went all around the block and frightened all the neighbors Time to go upstairs to bed now, said Mrs Doon, when Lucinda came back into her own house Halloween is over So Lucinda took off her ghost costume and hung it on the clothes tree She washed her face and hands and put on her warm pajamas and crawled into bed Then her mother kissed her tenderly and turned out the light Just as Lucinda was about to close her eyes she glanced out of the windowand thought she saw a witch A black clad witch, riding her broom across a pumpkin yellow moon The little girl shivered happily and snuggled down under the covers to dream of the excitement she had had that night But Halloween wasnt over Not quite In the middle of the night Lucinda woke up with a start She heard a strange noise outside the window It sounded like somebody crying Or perhaps like somebody trying not to cry It was pitch dark now But Lucinda got out of bed and turned on the light and opened the window There, on the branch of the big bare mulberry tree, sat a bedraggled little witch She wore a peaked hat She had big staring eyes And something like a raindrop ran down her face and fell off the tip of her pointed nose Who are you cried Lucinda Im a witch, as you should plainly see, said the little witch crossly Why are you crying Im not crying The little witch rubbed her eyes with the back of her fist I broke my broom and fell from the sky, she said And the sky was wet How are you going to get home asked Lucinda anxiously If I knew that, I wouldnt be sitting in this tree, snapped the strange little creature But I do know one thingif I dont get back up there before the sun rises, Ill have to stay on the ground for a whole year Till next Halloween Lucinda was almost sure she saw another tear But she was too kind to mention it She said, Maybe I can help you Mother has a brand new broom If you will come inside you may test it and see if it will fly The big branch was very near the window Lucinda held out her arms and helped the little witch crawl inside the room Itchabody the cat came out from under the bed He arched his back and his fur stood up like pins when he saw the visitor Meeeow he said whiningly I pull cats tails, said the little witch Itchabody backed away, hissing But as Lucinda and the witch crept down the stairs to the broom closet, the cat scampered past them When they got to the kitchen he rubbed his back against the visitors long black robes and began to purr Lucinda took out her mothers brand new broom The little witch got astride it and jumped up and down But the broom refused to fly Then she said Abracadabra Thirteen cats Sesame, sesame Pickled Bats But still the broom made no move to lift her from the floor It isnt magic, said the little witch ungraciously I knew it wouldnt work Lets try the dust mop, suggested Lucinda helpfully So they tried the dust mop They tried the sponge mop They even tried Mrs Doons electric vacuum cleaner And the little witch chanted all the magic words she knew, but she simply could not fly Thats too bad, said Lucinda She felt very sorry for the little witch, in spite of her bad manners The little witch was worried, too I dont want to stay around here a whole year, she said I cant stand people Well, Im afraid youll have to stay, at least for tonight, replied Lucinda Its too cold to go outside again You may sleep in my bed, and in the morning my father will think of a way to get you back home Lucinda and the little witch climbed back upstairs, but the little witch flatly refused to share Lucindas bed I dont like beds, she said I like dark places Ill sleep in the closet So, while Lucinda crawled back into her warm, cozy bed, the weird little figure in the pointed hat slipped into the closet and closed the door Itchabody the cat joined her there.A little lost witch undergoes a magical transformation when shes loved by a human family in this heartwarming story.When Felina, a little witch, breaks her broom on Halloween and cant fly home, she is stuck with the Doon family and their black cat, Itchabody, for an entire year Although shes homesick and unhappy, the Doon parents and their daughter, Lucinda, do their best to make Felina feel welcome And she has no trouble with Itchabody at all As time passes, the mischievous Felina learns what it means to be part of a familyand how, with love, she will always belong This timeless tale, originally published in 1971 and cherished ever since, brims with witchy whimsy and will find a home in the hearts of a new generation of readers. 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