I'm Not From Around Here: A Jewish Boy Telling the Historical Story of his Family's Holocaust Survival in WW2 (Biographical Fiction Based on a Memoir)

  • 445 pages
  • English
  • Paperback
I'm Not From Around Here: A Jewish Boy Telling the Historical Story of his Family's Holocaust Survival in WW2 (Biographical Fiction Based on a Memoir)

ጁ Paperback Read ಯ I'm Not From Around Here: A Jewish Boy Telling the Historical Story of his Family's Holocaust Survival in WW2 (Biographical Fiction Based on a Memoir) ጲ Kindle By Ishai Klinowsky ፨ I was captivated and identified so much with what I was reading, that I kept looking forward to the next window in my schedule to go on with this book Shay Stern, Israeli producer and writerIshai Klinowskys work is a Holocaust book that one should read and re read Im Not from Around Here is a striking and impressive piece whose narrative flows in a keenly sensitive way, accurately balancing the personal, family oriented story with that of a people It raises moral and social issues along with constituting a fascinating piece of literature that anyone would find interesting The family narrative is easy to follow and absorbing, since the child therein described effortlessly arouses your empathy At the same time, the story of the Jewish people, the history of several countries in Europe, and the story of Israeli society in the country that was finally established after generations of wandering are expertly portrayed Ayelet Klein, NRG news websiteA fascinating lifelong journal An eloquent, moving narrative about an unusual family, considerably different from so called normative European families, that portrays an antithesis to the weak, down trodden Jew Erik Bloom, Nuritha websiteThe oblique, rather cynical tone Klinowsky chooses in recounting the difficult experiences of his characters, set against the backdrop of one of the darkest periods in human memory, makes for a highly intriguing book Reading it leaves one with a bitter sweet feeling, complete with moments of joy and of sadness This book extracts real, larger than life characters out of history Royi Persol, Maariv daily newspaperA fascinating book you can read in one sitting, like an adventure novel Smadar Shir, Maariv daily newspaperEver since I began hearing about the Holocaust, especially from my mother as she described her own ordeals, I was struck with the poignant question How did she of all people succeed in surviving such a terrible labor camp as Ludwigsdorf On average, most people did not last than a few months there So how did she manage to survive three years This begged the question, is there such a thing as the ultimate survivor It is well known that Mom had no survival skills prior to WWII She was uneducated, nave, slow for her age, a sickly child with a poor vocabulary So how come she, of all people, survived What was this life force that propelled her throughout the war I arrived at the conclusion that she possesses a trait I call the Im not from around here trait.This characteristic boils down to not adopting a sense of responsibility for the place in which you happen to be, thereby retaining an outsiders view, akin to that of a journalist It is as if to say Im not a part of all this Im here only temporarily It seems I have this trait as well, having inherited it from my mother In difficult times in my life, I have always regarded myself as an uninvolved observer.In my opinion, the effect of this trait is rather elaborate and extensive It gives rise to the phenomenon of the wandering Jew Since Diaspora Jews were subject to intolerance wherever they lived, they never developed much affinity with particular places, no sense of belonging Moreover, Jews developed a unique form of humoristic self deprecation This Jewish humor allowed them to take themselves less seriously, thereby softening the impact of lifes often unbearable hardships Well into the 20th century, Jews usually had the option of simply packing up and moving elsewhere in the face of persecution, and so many of them became worldly and hopeful, moving from one place to another in search of a better life This, I believe, was part of the strength of the Jewish people before Israel came to be.Im Not from Around Here encourages the preservation of the memory of the Holocaust by highlighting that every survivor has a story Colorful, authentic personal accounts run much deeper, and are capable of being far moving, than an ordinary history book in black and white. 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