Judaism I: What do the Chosen People and the Promised Land Mean?

Why did God decide to choose some people, and promise them a land? Did he not have anything better to do?

Moreover, why did he not make a covenant with mankind, but did with Jews only? Can such a discriminatory God be anything good, needless to say the source of morality or such?

The answers are so simple, and here I will try to give them.

Am I Anti-Semitic? A Response

It is a wonderful feeling to receive a mail, especially while thinking that even Google does not read this site, yet also heartbreaking when it is wrongfully accusing. Needless to quote the whole mail, in short it says that I am anti-Semite just because of the three short, for me funny while disgusting, notes I wrote here. Although it is easy to see that my stance against Islam is the same with Judaism, for him I am born and raised in Turkey, therefore a Muslim, and I commit hate crime with religious motives against Jews.

Being scared of further accusations, I wanted to write this post as sentient religious people are those that I am scared of most.

Am I anti-Semite?

The answer: no. At least not the way that the term is used as for the last half century.

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