Forthcoming Turkish Civil War

In March 2016, I wrote that things are not going well in Turkey, and will eventually become worse. It will be to the extent that it will be Turkish migrants, as it was Syrians, that were trying to flee to Europe to make sure of their lives.

The agenda I had in mind back then was like this: there was a proposed change of constitution. It would, I thought, take two years to finish and be ratified at the parliament or referendum. Because the constitutional change was aimed to make Erdogan more powerful than Ottoman sultans, this would be an unpleasant process. Meanwhile, through the end of the process, I expected a civil war to start, and the country to be torn apart.

Past 10 months have proven me wrong. Things became even crazier than I expected. In 20 months, 25 bombs exploded and terrorist attacks were held. There is an economic crisis which, at least in the forthcoming year, will not see any measures taken against. The groups in society are even more separated and alienated from each other due to a number of reasons. There was a so-called unsuccessful coup attempt, which resulted with measures and acts that even I, someone who thinks that knows, more or less, what these guys can do, did not expect. In the so-called fight against an Islamist group, I have seen leftist and anarchist people being kicked out of civil service.

Meanwhile my share also was being labelled as terrorist. It is a funny story: I was a civil servant and got accepted to CEU with full scholarship. I wrote a letter for a year of leave of absence, I was told that Turkey does not recognize CEU’s diploma, after more than 2 months while the law says it should be answered within a month. Then the coup attempt happened. Because they have decided, with no legal document or lawful basis, to not to answer any letters after the coup attempt, I could not resign. I had to leave the country with my ministry’s allowance. Yet because they were doing another unlawful thing, I left the country without being within the procedures. Now I am, because of their unlawful acts, a terrorist because I “fled the country” to study and I cannot go back. If I will go, I will be first detained, then do not know what. The even more disgusting thing is that they cut internet off when they want, and there was a time I could not reach to my family by no means. They do not only torture me, but also my family, in an indirect way. Will they do more? Well, time will show I would say but I know that they will do more. I have to find a job and remove them from that country.

Going back to the topic, today they are discussing the constitutional change. Leaving aside the rest, I may give just one example: according to the proposed change, the president (Erdogan) will be appointing 12 members of the high court, which has 15 members overall.

Arguing against this change is considered a terrorist act. Well, nowadays everything is a terrorist act unless it is parallel to government’s discourse and supportive of them. When I wrote a Facebook post about the Islamic State burning two Turkish soldiers alive and (sorry for the language) how the fuck this can happen and what the hell the government will do, I was accused of promoting terrorism and supporting Islamic State.

I am not even a Muslim, and Turkish soldiers are poor young guys who are taken into military service without their consent, therefore are innocent for me. Yet I appreciated them being burned, and I did it by promoting terror. Can you believe this?

I do not write clearly, I am sorry. There is too much in my mind, and trying to apply self-censorship, I am jumping from one thing to another. What I try to say, in short, is this: Turkish civil war and even more autocracy was already visible back in 2016, and actually it showed itself in 2007. Ever since I have wrote, talked, and acted against the government. Today, the war is about to start. I expect it to be around late March, or mid-April. I can be wrong again, but there is all but one possibility that there will not be a civil war:

Turks do not like to move. The more the government is suppressive and their supporters are beastly, the opponents sit silently. Well, there was not much we could do, and now there is even less. Anything that is challenging the government’s discourse or not supporting them is considered as a terrorist discourse or act. Many still say “some day this will change, and you will see”. Well, that day may come or not, but surely we will see worse and more.

There is another thing. The secular opponents are neither armed nor have a culture of resistance. We do not know how to fight, we do not know how to be beasts like the supporters of the government, or the police that loved attacking us students, leftists, or workers. We do not know how to use arms, and even if we did, we do not have arms.

We will flee if it will be possible. But how many? And where? How? Who will accept us? EU, just last year, showed that a country in which there were bombs and extreme suppression of opposition could be considered as a safe country just for the sake of I don’t know what. Well, it is their own business and I cannot blame them for doing what is right. But I believe that I can blame for hypocrisy, lying, and dishonesty. Turkey was nothing close to a safe country, as it is even less now. And so-called promoting human rights and respecting human dignity, they did what is against both of these. What is the difference between what is practised by those that they are against, then?

Whatever. A very long post, but with one simple sentence to repeat to conclude: Turkish civil war is about to start. I hope these that suffered from illegitimate and illegal acts will not be harmed at all – yet they are those that are aimed to be killed…

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