Further and Possibly Larger Scale Suppression of the Opposition in Turkey

On the anniversary of the so-called coup attempt and newly invented “day of democracy and national unity“, so-called Turkish President Erdogan said “we lost 250 heroes in the night of 15 July [coup attempt], but saved the future of 50 million Turks“. According to Turkstat, population of Turkey in 2016 was 79.814.871, excluding Syrian refugees and immigrants who are to be given citizenship as long as 5 years have passed since their entry to Turkey, regardless of any other criteria.

Erdogan is famous with making strange comments and arguments. Generally, next day these are followed with corrections by the members of the cabinet or the party. They do not argue that Erdogan was wrong, but we, opponents of him, got him wrong. Yet this time there still is no correction, which makes us believe that we are discarded, or sacrificed, already.

Whenever we the opposition ask for rights, we are constantly warned that we aim to break a civil war up, and we should stop being the puppets or puppies of external powers. Turkey and Turkish society, for a long time, has been divided into two camps: those that want the good of the country and the people (i.e. supporters of Erdogan), and the others (i.e. opponents of him).

According to Erdogan, state of emergency is necessary to avoid threats to the stability and the future of the country (i.e. his future), and no one should question either their will or the outcomes. But how is the future of the country is perceived?

Yesterday, 43 new summary of proceedings were presented to the National Assembly. In Turkish law, if prosecution is allowed by the commission, which is made-up of ruling AKP members, the MPs will be tried and can be imprisoned (as 12 are already in jail). All of these 43 cases are against 34 members of the two opposition parties, HDP and CHP, and there is not one case against the ruling AKP, and their supporter MHP. It is a Turkish tradition to spare MPs, yet lately, although not as large-scale as the ordinary citizens, the MPs are under threat – which I personally prefer, so that maybe the political parties will also see the extent of the threat.

Today, it is announced that the state of emergency will be extended for a further three months, until the end of October.  Thanks to Turkish anti-terror law article 2, we the opponents are labelled as terrorists and asked to prove innocent*, and apparently for another three months we will be under even heavier suppression.

Combining Erdogan’s speech, the recently finished march for justice, increasing distress in the society and especially the opposition, and more reckless comments and acts by the government; can we argue that Turkish opposition is on the verge of a grander scale suppression by the government?

Forthcoming days will show it. I hope that I am wrong, yet history and Erdogan’s past shows that I have no reason to be optimistic.

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