Funeral March

By far not comparable to Chopin’s Funeral March or Mozart’s Lacrimosa for sure. Well, if it was comparable to them, you would know my name by heart, no?

Dedicated to the memory and souls of those that passed away during Gezi Park protests in 2013 in Turkey.

Warum (Nicht)

My first ever “Western classical-like” song from 2014. When I started composing this, I had only the electric guitar with me and could find the left-hand riff of the piano, which actually was intended to be the right hand. Then, all of a sudden, I thought of putting it to the left hand, and writing something over it. From the beginning to 0:22 came out that way. When I realized that I could do some variations on the theme, the part from 0:22 to 0:48 came – and then the rest.

It is a song which I still listen to sometimes, and honestly like pretty much taking into consideration that it is a “first” song. If nothing else, I ask you to listen to 2:01-2:15. Isn’t it a nice up and down movement there?

Then She Said (I Love You)

Another song that I like listening to because it tells a story. It tells how I was feeling when I was to say I love you to Miss KK, and what I felt after saying it until getting a reaction. And, in the end, you can hear yourself what happened.

So saying again, if by any chance you have any feedback, please let me know. Any comment is highly appreciated and welcome!

The Story of a Loner

I don’t know what exactly I was thinking when I was composing this. Or, rather, I know. It was the birthday of Miss KK. I was trying to compose a song to celebrate her birthday with a song. Isn’t it ironic – I am celebrating a birthday with one of the saddest and full of disappointment songs I have ever heard!

This is my masterpiece. I’d say yet, but I believe that going over this song is not much likely – at least for me. I am no Beethoven or Nyman to do something at that caliber, although this one is close to them.

Well, as you can see, I do not know how to write about a song, even though I composed it. Give it a try, you will not regret. Listen to from 1.47 to 2.09 if you do not want to “lose time”, and you will listen to it from the beginning. I assure you!

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