Murat’s Portfolios: Beautiful Budapest

Since 2011, when I started traveling abroad, Budapest has been the city where I have been to the most. And, luckily, I could live there for a year too thanks to “Papa Soros” and the scholarship that CEU gave me. Although I have seen “better places”, like London, Paris, Vienna, or Barcelona, Budapest is the place where I am mostly in love, and would love to live in.

Below are some of my photos from Budapest, for you to feel some of the love that I have. Enjoy!

Introduction to Photography II: Which Camera Should I Buy? (For Newbies)

This question is a lot easier than the previous question and the answer, for me, is simple: the cheapest one in which the sensor is used by the “more advanced” cameras. This post is divided into four parts and there is a conclusion:

  1. I try to assure you that an entry-level camera will do everything you need.
  2. What matters is the sensor first (along with the lens, which I will return to later).
  3. I compare three entry-level cameras from three brands.
  4. There are few more things to consider before buying a camera.

Introduction to Photography I: Do You Need an SLR Camera?

You collected a lot of money. You checked all the cameras on the market. You even memorized their specifications. You even know what kit lens comes with them, and what are the second best options. But do you REALLY need an SLR?

Compare the following two photos and tell yourself which one is better:

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