Why are There so many Terrorists in Turkey?

If you are interested in Turkey or Turkish politics, you might have seen that we have tons of terrorists – including, I believe, even me. But why do we have so many terrorists? Is it normal for a country to have that much terrorists?

Well, of course it is not normal to have a lot of terrorists in a country. The problem is found in Turkish anti-terror law, 3713, article 2. This article reads as follows1: Okumaya Devam Edin

Terrorist Human Rights Defenders

On June 5th12 human rights workers were detained while they were “holding a secret meeting” in Buyukada, Istanbul, which includes Amnesty International’s Turkey director Idil Eser. Many individuals and organizations asked for their release, yet as of June 13, they still are under detention. According to T24, a Turkish news website, the detainees were accused of terrorism.

This, apparently, is news for many outsiders. But for us, opponents of the current Turkish government who are politically active, there is no news here. I want to show you two legal bases and the basic approach in the state, on how these people are kept under detention, and highly likely they will remain there at least for some months, if not years. Okumaya Devam Edin