The Forthcoming Turkish Refugees

“The breakdown of the Kurdish peace process and extended security operations in the south east, along with nationwide repression of critics, political opposition and media perceived as hostile to the government, may soon add Turkish nationals to the refugee flows.1

Last summer, when the photograph of the dead body of the little Syrian child, Aylan, hit the front pages of newspapers, I made a comment at a forum, more or less, something like this: I cannot feel sorry for this child because when I saw that little body hit ashore, dead, what I could think of is only that “soon it will be our own children that will replace him. I feel more sorry for them”.

Before last summer, especially since 2011, I am telling people that we are going for a civil war and destruction. If Turkey will be so God damn lucky, it has a life of 15 years most. Now the 5 years of it have passed and we have 10 left. Four things needed urgent solution yet neither of them were solved and a fifth one is added: 1) the earthquake that will hit Istanbul, 2) increasing separatist and discriminating discourse on the Kurdish issue, 3) non-producing economy, 4) increasing discriminating discourse in everyday life between, even, relatives, and, the newly added one, 5) lack of control and integration of the Syrian refugees.

The forum that I wrote this comment thought that this comment could have been considered illegal. It was early to say all those I guess, but time shows that I am right. Shortly, especially after Erdogan claiming that we have to side either with the government (or the state as both means Erdogan) or we side by the terrorists, is a strong sign that we, Turkish people that are opponents of him and his government, will have even harder times.

Considering neither of the problems are solved and all became even worse over the past 5 years, things will be even faster and worse in the following days and years as to hide the problems and to suppress the comments against, even if for a different aim, we will be watching what Hitler did in a different way. I do not expect concentration camps yet thanks to the security bill passed last year, police has every right to take me from my home without informing anyone, investigate at the forest, shoot me there and go back to the station. Thanks to countrywide media blackout, no one will know about what happened to who, which will be all legal.

So yeah, what the above given quotation says is right. Turkish people will be also on the way to seek asylum, not only seek refuge, shortly also. I wish there was a way to solve this problem but we have missed that chance long ago, when Erdogan became the prime minister of the country. Soon first we, the opponents of him and his followers, will suffer from the evil that’s created, then they will harm each other.

Poor Turkey…


  1. Taken from Human Rights Watch.

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